About Rose

Happily married for 36 years to the most wonderful man in the world. Two daughters, two step-daughters, four grandchildren, four step-grandchildren, and two step-great granddaughters. Chronically ill with Lupus yet building my life beyond it. God has blessed me!  That’s my purpose for this blog entitled ‘A Pilgrim on the Narrow Path’.

I had the pleasure of embarking on a wonderful adventure a number of years ago, where I had been doing some videos under the name of Acts 4:20 Productions.  If you’d like to find out more about them, just click on the tab above to check it out!

On a completely different topic, awhile ago I was given the opportunity to undergo a new treatment for the Lupus.  A new IV drug treatment–the 1st in 50 years.  It’s called Benlysta.  Please take a moment to click on the tab marked ‘Benlysta Journey’ to read all about it.  While I did not do well on this, I do pray that my experience will bless even one person.

A few years back, for some unknown reason, I felt inspired me to write.  Yes, I do write in my blog but this was different.  This was fiction!  I put pen to paper (so to speak) and within two weeks wrote out five short stories.  Not knowing what I was to do with those stories, I did submit them to editors but was told, point blank by more than one, they weren’t very good. 🙂 With a smile on my face to show I’m unaffected by the nay-sayers, I’m going to go ahead and put them on my blog under the tab ‘In Fiction’.  Why I was filled with these stories, I do not know.  Again, perhaps they’ll touch even one person’s life.  Even that would be so worth it. Read … if you dare! LOL

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6 Responses to About Rose

  1. Ei, Rose… Parabéns pelo Blog! Li sua entrevista com a Charo e fui muito edificada! Obrigada por ser instrumento do SENHOR Jesus, abençoando vidas! Beijos

  2. camary1996 says:

    “Chronically ill with Lupus yet building my life beyond it.” That is the answer to any chronic illness….to live beyond it…with grace and mercy pushing us along. Great is God’s faithfulness! God bless you and keep you in His loving care. In the Name of Jesus.

  3. Rose: I want you to know that I highlighted your blog today as part of my lupus awareness May 2013 focus. Each day I am doing a write up on a different lupus blogger and sharing one of 31 different lupus facts.

    I trust you will be pleased with the review on your blog. I borrowed heavily from your About Me page here. I respect and enjoy the work you are doing in your blogging, and believe you are truly accomplishing your intended purposes.

    Thanks for your excellent testimony and honest discussions of life with lupus.


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