Michael G. Morrow – Servant of God


This is not the type of blog post that gives me great pleasure to type.  It is, however, a blog post that I feel I must write.  It is out of deep respect and gratitude for a man who has greatly influenced and shaped my life that I write this.  So, in memory of Michael G. Morrow I dedicate this post.

Upon hearing about Mike’s passing just last week I felt much that can only be described as bittersweet.  He had been ill and in the intensive care unit of the hospital and my husband and I were praying for him daily.  I felt the pain of sadness (bitter) at the news of his death but, at the same time, I felt relieved (sweet) that he no longer would suffer and his spirit was immediately in the presence of the Lord, Jesus Christ … the moment he longed for most of his life.  I spent most of the night giving thanks to God for His mercy in finally taking Mike home. But I also spent some time trying to recall when, exactly, I first ‘met’ Mike.  I put the word met in air quotes because, you see, I have never actually met Mike face to face.

It was just about five years ago.  I was trying my very best to spend time each day studying God’s word.  As is so often the case I would wind up with more questions than I had answers.  As much as I loved my (former) pastor, my attempts to approach him time after time with Bible questions were met with disinterest.  He was a very busy man taking care of many business items for the church and had little time to spend in discipleship.  Yes, I know, it didn’t seem right.  Anyway, in an effort to keep learning, I would seek out teachings on YouTube of those that I came to trust theologically.

One of these ministers of God’s word was pretty well known and I spent many hours listening to him and even ultimately doing his Bible studies that he had available.  But when it came to questions about something he taught, well I just couldn’t get in touch with him.  Now, I want to say that he is very well known, and is a very busy person, so I hold no ill will toward him.  BUT, it did me little good when it came to trying to better understand God’s word.  In one of his online sermons he spoke of a man that was older than he and he considered him a mentor.  He happened to mention where that man was from.  Something inside of me thought that if he was a mentor to him then surely he must be a worthy person to look up.  And so I did.  And I’m happy to say that I found him online with sermons of his own.  I began to listen to this man known as Mike Morrow.

I remember that the particular series that he began teaching was the book of Romans.  He was teaching from his home, in his study.  I remember the bookcase behind him was floor to ceiling covered with books.  I was absolutely happy to begin studying while listening to him.  Here’s where it really all begins.  On one of the first of those videos I got stuck on something he was teaching about.  I can’t remember now what it was but I do remember that I posted my question in the comment section below the video.  To my great surprise he answered my question almost right away.  AND, for the rest of his study in Romans, whenever I had a question and posted it in the comment section, he would answer over and over again almost right away.

From there I took to reading his blog appropriately titled ‘The Theolog (Student of God)’.  He, in return followed my blog(s) and we would comment back and forth on things that we wrote.  From there I sent him a friend request on Facebook to which he accepted.  It was there that I could again walk through some difficult aspects of a study and he would offer his answer or advice.  He was always quick to recommend a book or article that dealt with something I was studying.  No matter what the topic, Brother Mike would search out resources to help me out.  Here was a man who didn’t even know me but he took the time to help me better understand God’s word … even during times of health scares, his and mine.

I want to offer up some observations about Mike that I will carry with me for many, many years.  First, his love of God’s word was glowingly obvious.  You just knew it was a subject that was near and dear to his heart and one he would talk about whenever the opportunity by God was given.  Second, he loved his wife with every fabric of his being.  Mike often shared his love of Susan and took every opportunity to interject something of their lives that pertained to what he was teaching.  Whenever he mentioned Susan, his face lit up.  Third, and probably most important to me, when many others would not take the time to teach God’s word to a virtual stranger, Mike would.  I had no fanciful ideas that I was the only one.  No, I believe that it was probably true of many, many others who passed through his life in one way or another.

Today I am grateful that God was so gracious to allow me the opportunity to ‘meet’ Mike and to be blessed by his wisdom, grace and humbleness.  I pray that in some small way this honors his memory.  May Mike’s teachings that are now wonderfully, digitally saved be a blessing to others who come to hear of him.  He leaves behind a legacy of always sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, and wisdom to understand the depths of God’s love.

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God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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2 Responses to Michael G. Morrow – Servant of God

  1. Lee Xiong says:

    Rose, do you know what happened to mikes website since his passing? Is there a new website or has the church taken it down. I am requesting a copy of his testimony if you can please help me find it… thanks, Lee Radio Xiong, San Antonio, TX

    • Rose M says:

      Hello Lee. Thanks for letting me know that the link to Mike’s website has been taken down. I will correct my blog post. If you wish to see a video of Mike’s testimony you can do so on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCo3J7567sA Also, his sermons are still on line and the link to that is in my post above. I hope that helps. Brother Mike was a wonderful, Christian man who was a blessing to many.

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