Food for Mind and Soul

This is going to be a short post but I can assure you it is packed with lots of info.  Awhile back I posted a blog on some of my very favorite online teachers.  Today I’m updating my list and I pray that it will be of benefit to you because, as the good Lord knows, it has been a tremendous blessing to me.  Here you go … resources (although not exhaustive) for great biblical teaching:


John MacArthur

Remaining at the top of my list is John MacArthur of Grace To You.  Check out his web site for great resources that will keep you in God’s word for a lifetime.  John has the God-given ability to open up the Word in a life changing way.


Alistair Begg

Next is another great teacher of the Word, Alistair Begg.  His daily program at Truth For Life is a resource that will keep you immersed in the Word of God every single day of the week.  I love his wit and humor … a humble man of God.


Gabe Hughes

If you want a daily resource that will keep you in a study of the books of the Bible, you need go no further than Gabe Hughes of WWUTT (When We Understand the Text). Not only is he a wonderful expository preacher, his online short, pithy videos will bless you with an increased knowledge of God’s word.


Chris Rosebrough

Adding to my list is an excellent resource for teaching biblical discernment.  Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith helps you to meander through the sea of false teaching that’s out there, and gives you the tools needed to “help you think biblically, help you think critically….” His sharp-tongued critiques will keep you coming back.


Jonathan Fisk

Last, but certainly not least, is Jonathan Fisk and the good people at Worldview Everlasting.  Lots of great teaching videos that will keep you in the Word-asking questions and exploring the texts.


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