I Love You Up To God


My Granddaughter, Samantha, and I have had this long standing tradition.  I would say it dates back to when she was old enough to actually speak whole sentences.  I’d like to call this tradition the ‘I Love You’ tradition.  It goes something like this:

“I love you, Nana.”

“I love you, too, honey.”

“I love you more, Nana.”

“No, I love YOU more!”

“I love you more, more, more, Nana.”

“I love you more, more, more, more, MORE!”

“I love you more, more, more [times 20 just so I don’t have to type it out].”

“I love your more, more, more [times 25].”

Here it comes.  The final clincher.  The end-all of end-alls to finally be able to declare herself the winner………..

“I love you up to God!”

To which she gives an ear-to-ear grin with both arms lifted high in a touchdown like stance and is announced THE WINNER!  I happily agree with gusto like applause. She leaves quite satisfied that her declaration of love has topped any that I could possibly conceive.  You see, to this sweet, precious little one, there is nothing that rates higher than God.  It is the number to end all numbers, it can go no higher, and is never ending.  Try as you might to come up with something that might supersede her level of love, it will not do.

When I think of the love my Savior, Jesus Christ, has for me as demonstrated on His sacrifice of Himself on that cross, well, there is nothing higher, or greater, or infinite, than that love.  He declared, “I love you up to God!” 


About Rose M

God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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