Have you ever had a door slam in your face?  No, not literally but figuratively.  Perhaps, like me, you’ve had more than your fair share of door slamming.  But, then again, what’s really fair?  I’m setting out to try, by way of writing, to get my head wrapped around this in a way that’s helpful and not the other way around.

I came up with the title for this particular blog post during a conversation with my husband.  I often will say or hear something and BING, the light goes on and I say to myself, or anyone within listening distance, “Hey … that might make for an interesting blog.”  So it was when trying to explain to my husband how I’ve been feeling for quite some time now.  “What do you do when it feels like everything you try to do ends up with a ‘NO’ door slamming in your face?”

I’m a true believer that my life and destiny remain in the hands of God.  So, in saying that I’m prefacing everything in this post with the knowledge that each and every door that is slammed in my face is a direct result of God’s way of letting me know what is not intended for me or a direction not meant for me to take.  In one respect that’s a very good thing.  Sort of like my heavenly GPS guiding and directing my every step.  I would have it no other way.  After all, who wants to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere and not have someone to help you get back to where you need to be.  For me and many others, slamming doors is one way to keep us on the path we’re supposed to be on.  Remember … the name of this blog is ‘A Pilgrim on the Narrow Path’.  As much as I’m appreciative of this constant guidance, there is a side to it that is just outright hard to understand, and that is, when the door slams, surely there must be a direction one can take other than standing still. Yes? 

Let me share some of the door slamming that has been going on in my life and maybe you’ll see what I mean.  Reach out to varying ministries around the world (I think 6 at last count) to offer my (free) assistance in areas such as web sites, social media, oversight, etc.  SLAM!  Believe it or not, people will not take me up on this.  Start a new medication to treat the Lupus–the first new medication in 50 years.  Seven months later, SLAM!  Try to step out in the realm of media to make testimonial type of videos to help others.  SLAM!  Reach out to the one and only person who can help fulfill one of two things left on my bucket list. SLAM!  The list just goes on and on.  The more I type, the less uplifting I feel. 

Here’s the heart of the matter.  Slamming doors is one thing, what to do when the door is slammed is another.  For quite some time now it’s as if my life has been directed, well, nowhere.  It’s not a matter of my faith wavering, but rather needing direction in my life.  Without a moment’s hesitation I can tell you that it’s my heart’s desire to live past my illness, yet reach others by way of helping them by using the gifts and talents my heavenly Father has given me.  The only place where doors have not been slammed for me is in my local church.  For this I’m extremely grateful.  But, there’s still much I want to do with the time I have left.  Yet I know that it must be what God would have me to do.  If not, it will just be another door slamming in my face. 

As my dear friend, Cyndi, has so aptly put it, “I’m just so incredibly overwhelmed with it all right now.”  It’s hard to explain and I feel I haven’t truly done it justice with this one blog post.  I’m okay with being directed away from a situation or circumstance that would ultimately prove to be bad, or wrong, for me.  However, seeing or finding the right direction, the right answer, the right path … well that’s not quite so clear.  THAT’S what I pray for because to be perfectly honest, I don’t want to look back and see that I missed it.  Why is it so clear to some and so foggy for others?  People often say tritely, “When I get to heaven, I’m going to ask God…”  I used to chuckle at that thought because I always imagined there’s no way that when we get to heaven we’ll even be thinking about such things.  But I’m going to chime in and say, “God, when you slammed all those doors … did I miss it?  Was it clear, yet I didn’t see it?” 

What about you, my loyal readers?  What do you do when God slams a door?  Oh, and there are no open windows nearby either.  For me, while I wait I continue to pray, continue to be in His word, continue to try and focus on others.  And, just as important, be alone with Him and listen.  One foot in front of the other, on the path, eyes straight ahead … and at all costs—avoid slamming doors!


About Rose M

God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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6 Responses to SLAMMING DOORS

  1. Brian pratt says:

    God certainly knows what doors we should be knocking on. And who is shutting them,and why they are being slammed. Oh yes!
    So, I would continue in prayer and ask God to make known to you, if those are places He would have for you to go. And before one goes anywhere to do something, we should know if that is Gods will for us. And if we don’t have an answer from Him, then we shouldn’t go there. He will make these things known to us.
    And that is true.
    I couldn’t say why a door is slammed. It appears God doesn’t want you there.
    But I would have no way of knowing without praying, asking Him, truly.
    From the outside, it seems evident. It doesn’t seem fruitful,peaceful,good, all that. For sure.
    However, truly, we all have to take it up to God. ( it could be He wanted them to hear something! It could be that, yes !)…after we talk these matters over, as we should, and share these things, the final answer will come from our Father. And then we can all be edified as we all hear how God is leading each of us ! Edified together as we share, and hear…yes.
    That is why we share together. And if we all are praying, and seeking God, seeking Jesus for the truth, then we will all know the truth. And we will all be of one accord, of one mind. It’s really that simple.
    Gods written word as we see in the scriptures, teaches us so many things. And one thing it continues to teach us is to go to Him. Go to Jesus. In all things. In all prayer.
    That remains constant. That’s one great message all through the bible.
    We will all seek God for the truth in our lives!
    Yes, He brings us teachers, and the like. Pastors, others.
    God speaks to us in so many ways. Written word, spoken word, others even And as we each humble ourselves before Him, and cry out for wisdom,(proverbs) then we shall know the way He would have for each of us all. In every thing,every path, every door….And it will be put forth in the fruits of the spirit, and we shall see that !!!
    He will make it known!
    As He does. For each who would ask. For all who ask shall find…(paraphrasing the scriptures)
    And so we will know. We will see.
    And if anywhere there is not joy,peace,love, and the other fruits of the spirit, then there is the works of the flesh. Period.error somewhere.
    And so we can know. For He has taught us of these things.
    Peace, joy, love, easily entreated, all these….
    And that is how we can all be of one mind ,one accord.
    If we all are seeking Him.
    Just like in acts.
    Then there won’t be all this bickering and argue ing and so on.
    John 14,15,16.
    He will bring us the Spirit of truth !!
    He shall teach us, guide us in ALL truth.(in all of the ways He chooses, His wonderful ways, which are beyond searching,yes!, but so wonderful, miraculous)
    But known, and can be known to us !
    It’s so simple a child can understand. So sweet.
    The Spirit of Truth..
    Think of that.
    In everything Lord?
    Yes my child.
    Yes.for I love you so greatly. As my dear child.i will always be here for you. Come. Come to Me.
    Oh thank you Father, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you! Amen.

    • Rose M says:

      What a wonderful reply! Thank you so much for the encouragement. While this is an older post, it’s still as relevant today and I find that your reply is most helpful to me on this particular day. God is good! Thank you, God bless, be encouraged for you have encouraged me.

      • Brian P. says:

        You’re welcome! I am encouraged from your reply, and that you have been too. Thank you also.
        I’m glad it was a help and encouragement to you.
        Incidently, the words I wrote to you, I had to go curl up in prayer myself, and do the same things I wrote today ! It’s great how God teaches us things, isn’t it? And it works. He always answers prayers. Always. Book of John again. (And many others) [ I sometimes tell people, put it to the test! Go and seek God, ask Him things, ask for things, and see what happens! Seek and you shall find…ask and it shall be given…(Matthew) ]
        Oh the power of His might!!!
        Watching even those little sparrows…how much more for us???

        O.K….reason for writing again…other than replying to your reply…
        (I wrote a long reply I see)
        I just now read the whole blog on the doors, I hadn’t before read it ALL.
        And I saw some things.
        So, if I may speak, I shall. I believe I’m led to.
        I believe the person who wrote this(you),at the time it was written….
        Is a person whom very much has a desire to please God.

        And is looking for direction.

        And stated that she doesn’t want to go where God wouldn’t have her go….(I’m paraphrasing from what I understand you to be saying)
        That is righteousness. That is good. In fact that is great !!! (According to Gods word, yes?)
        Yes it is.
        Amen to that…
        And also that you feel that your life has been directed nowhere.
        And that it is needing direction.
        And that there is still much you want to do.
        And that …your hearts desire…
        Is to live past your illness, (not sure what that means,live past,), anyways, and to reach others…by way of …helping them….with…gifts/and such…given …by Father.
        And that doors have been a slamming….and no windows open….and where do we go then…type of thoughts…yes?

        And I sense an emptiness, a need of direction, a loss of hope sort of of as to what am I here for , what has my life been type thing..and where Domingo now?
        And lastly, that you don’t want to get to heaven and feel as though you missed it !!!
        That says a lot there..
        And so I see someone here really needing to know….really needing for it to be real…really needing to have thier joy full…i(n what ever The Lord would have for them…)
        Yes.? Like something big is missing….
        And one other thing, you said the only place doors haven’t been shut is at your local church.
        O.K. Then
        And I saw where you said you’ll go in prayer, and focus on others, yes, and be with Him, and listen….
        And so I say this.

        Take comfort.

        God knows all that He WOULD have for you…and it’s a lot.
        (How full is full?)
        ..that our joy would be full…?
        And that he CAN and WILL ! give more that we could ask or pray for…?? (Scripture)
        And Deuteronomy….28…where he will bless…..oh so much!!!!! (Read that one !! All THOSE blessings)
        Really Lord?
        Yes….for those that harken to my voice child !!!!
        Really…are you still the same today as you were then Father????
        YES child I am..
        So, I have to come to you and ask for what I want and need and desire????
        And you will sort it all out ? And really REALLY REALLY give me the desires of my heart???
        Yes my son.
        And if I harken to your voice, and obey You, you will ??
        Read the 37 th psalm I had them write for thee….
        The desires of your heart child….
        It’s true!!!
        And Father, when I come and ask you to take all this pain and doubt from my heart, you will?
        Yes child, I will.
        Will you show me the way?
        And how will I know the way?
        I will make my voice known to you. My Son told you that “My sheep know my voice ” also.
        And through my spirit I shall make all things known to you, for the word which proceedethnout of my mouth WILL accomplish in the thing which I send it to, and WILL NOT return unto me void. For I am GOD almighty.
        And as I told thee in the book of proverbs, and so many other places I have written through my spirit, through men,” I will pour out my spirit upon you….
        And all through the book I had written I have told thee all, that I will make my will known. And you shall know. And as you obey my voice, you will find joy unspeakable….and more. For I always give more. Just read!
        And so, rose, I say to you…take all these things, including that illness, to God.
        That feeling of directed nowhere. That lack of direction. Whatever it is, and whatever else there is, even whatever you may not be able to write or speak, all that…..and begin to..
        Ask for whatever it is you want, need, or even think you need or desire. And continue to cry out. And ask our Father to make perfectly clear what He would have you to do, in everything you do, in one day.
        Yes, try it for just one day.
        And continue.
        And as He makes clear, makes known what you should do and you obey that, watch what happens.
        Oh what price is obedience to Him???..
        He wants to walk with us. Jesus wants to walk with us. They wish to guide us in ALL!
        And they will.
        And just as it reads in the 37th psalm, you shall see.

        Read the whole psalm…there is much for us to do!
        And does not God ask us to do something first? And it’s NEVER more than we can do !
        Ask ….. Recieve.
        Harken, obey….reap
        And so on.
        And so it is…simply take it all to him, and even as you focus on others, do not forget to ask for YOU !!!
        For YOU ARE very precious to HIM.
        Just as we all are.
        You are no less.
        He has watched us all being formed in our mothers tummy.
        Knowing all he WOULD have for us !
        And He sees.
        He sees in our desires. He sees what’s missing, what it is we really want.
        It’s all so very personal.
        Us and Him
        And take Jesus with you as you go.
        For we can do nothing without Him.
        Go where God directs you.
        Ask in all things.
        In one day. Take all your desires and wishes to him.
        And ask Him to make it perfectly clear, even in this day, and every day hence, so that you will know, you will hear His leadings,
        And see what happens.
        If the answer is yes, do it. If it’s no, don’t. If there’s no answer do nothing there. Continue in prayer to know.
        And He will direct your path.
        Continue in that.
        He tells us in proverbs…in all our ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct our paths..Don’t even lean into our own understandings.
        Get it from the master. The Its pure.
        And as we go, take all thoughts to Him. All things that come to us. All that others tell us, all that we think.
        Ask Him for direction. For the truth.
        Then we will know.
        That is what God is telling us to do with our lives. Our doings. Our thoughts. All of it.
        That is what Jesus tells us too.(he tells us more as well)
        And we will find all we need, desire,want, and more.
        We will find the direction, the path,all……all we seek….
        Oh, He always gives, even more.
        My best to you rose.

  2. Brian pratt says:

    That’s a good question, what do you do when doors are slammed….well, we know God can open doors no man can shut, and close doors no man can open..and so, I would continue in prayer, and ask God if He wants you to go in that door!
    That’s all. Ask Him to make it abundantly clear if that is where He would have you to go.
    It’s really that simple. His word is the lamp, the light to our feet and path. To paraphrase.
    And so it is on the journey, for us all who believe. Who really believe God will speak to us, will make known to us, what to do , where and when. And so it is.
    That is what I’m led to do. And it’s not always easy. For oftentimes I have thoughts or things where I think I know. But when all is said and done, when it really set aside all my thoughts and take them before God, I find the truth. I find the way He would have for me to go. I stun
    Mobile,yes. But as the scripture speaketh, He will not let us fall even though we may stumble !
    oh how wonderful is that ?
    For God will always make known the way He would have for us…(Jerimiah)
    Through His spirit, through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
    For He is the truth, and all truth is found in Him , and our Father, He is the truth.
    Oh my, isn’t it wonderful?
    And we will know the truth, and the truth will make us free !!!!!!
    So, it’s all there. Continue in prayer sister. He will make known where and when He wants His dear servants to go. And only He knows our hearts. He knows. And loves us so dearly !!!!
    I perceive you really have a love for God in your heart, and look to reach out and share that with others too. Haven’t read much of your writings, but in perceive that.
    And yes, there are many places that look Godly. Appear Godly. Even in churches and so on.
    But The Lord knows where He would have us, and why, and we will know if we continue in that.
    In prayer asking Him to guide our path. Doing all we can to do all we can, the best we can, according to all we know, all He has showed us. God will do the rest.
    And we know all things work to the good of them , that are called….you know the rest of that one?
    And who love God !
    So, we go on. In the journey.
    It is wrought with afflictions, and pain and the like, yes.
    But it makes us cry out all the more to our loving Father, to Jesus, to get relief. To get healing. To get direction. To get through. And He does, they do !!!!!
    And that’s truth sister. Yes., they do !! Amen.
    Isn’t it great?
    For what can stand against God?
    Or those in His grace who love and obey Him, and whom He loves and blesses?
    And if we truly have a love of God, and believe in Him who raised Jesus from the dead, and Jesus whom died and was resurrected , believe on His name, then what. And fear God.
    Then , we have access to all the promises of God .
    Of course all have the promises of God. For just as in Duet. 28, we know, blessings and curses.
    But we have chosen to harken unto His voice, haven’t we, as it says?
    For we have believed on the name of His Son., And have believed God.
    So there we go.
    Then we continue in that, growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ…. As it speaks.
    What a wonderful promise !
    So, that is my long reply to that question on what do you do when….
    And if God don’t send us , we can’t go.
    That’s serving Him.
    So many tell us so much..ten thousand voices? Instructors ?
    Oh yes. And let us not forget the adversary..
    Roaming around, trying to deceive us. And let us not forget we all have lusts.
    ( excessive desires)
    So then, there is a lot there.and we continue in prayer, asking forgiveness where we may be wrong, asking for God to continue to show us the truth, and continue ing to abide in Jesus,
    For without Him we can do nothing. And so we go, asking Him to lead us the way. He’s our Shepard. He will show us the way…in Gods will for us.
    For He IS the way, isn’t He?
    So, we cannot fail. If we continue in these things, as scripture tells us.
    And we will find all the blessings God WOULD have for us.
    What a wonderful journey. And until Jesus comes and takes us home, we shall go on, and find our joy to be full. That’s Gods will. In all the tribulation. And our hope is in Him, for He overcame the world.
    And our hope rests in God. In Jesus.
    Have a nice day, I pray.

  3. csmagura says:

    Rose, dear, I humbly beg to disagree with your conclusions reached in this post! You state that the only place where doors have not been slammed for you is your church. I’d like to suggest that you have many doors and windows open to you through your facebook and BYDLS friends. You DAILY reach people and their lives in all that you do. AND, what about all your family members? I KNOW how much your dear husband, kids, and precious grandkids mean to you. As you react to them, as you impart your wisdom to them, as you share your thoughts, fears, and moments of clarity with them – they are immeasurably enhanced by you.

    I personally struggle with how I introduce my faith with those I interact during my DisabilityKey actions. Wise women of faith have reminded me that it is NOT quantity but QUALITY in our actions that are important. Rose, if an action of yours is important in the life/lives of one person – perhaps this is the “correct” door/window that God has for you.

    Prayers for you, dear friend, that while you continue to search for your path, you can still relax in the knowledge that through His Glory and Grace alone you have the knowledge and expertise through His gifts to you to interact with those in your orbit. Peace be with you.

  4. Cyndi Hammonds says:

    ❤ U & your posts… 'nuff said.

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