The Pros and Cons of Being a Prayer Warrior

My repertoire, as it were, of friends is wide and varying.  This I like for many, many reasons.  Some are people that live right next door to me.  Others are people I’ve come to know online who are fellow chronically ill people or caretakers of such.  Some are people of like faith in theology and doctrine … although doctrine can vary within that group of friends.  The point being that no two friends are alike.  Isn’t that a blessing?!  But there’s one thing that pleases me most, and hopefully God as well–they all know I am a prayer warrior.

Being what some people call ‘a prayer warrior’ has its pros and cons, although some may argue there can be no cons, or downsides, to praying.  Ah, may I kindly disagree?  Perhaps after reading the point I’m trying to make, you’ll see what I mean.  Yes, indeed … being, and being known as, a prayer warrior has its ups and downs.  Although certainly not an all-inclusive list, here we go with the first–the pros:

  • I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said to me something to this effect, “I know you have a direct line to the Man upstairs …” This always brings a smile to my face for one, main reason.  I am seen as a Christian, a child of God, who God listens to.  To be known as a Christian is definitely in the pros column.
  • People trust me that when I say, “Yes, of course I will keep this in prayer.” that I will indeed keep that in prayer.  And to lift people before Jesus Christ, who intercedes at the right hand of God, is a humble privilege that can only be a plus.  In the pro column on that.
  • One of my favorite memorized verses is the 2nd half of James 5:16 The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. (NIV)  There is power in prayer and to be able to be in that place of trusting God with the lives of so many people as a result of prayer is mind blowing.  That may sound like I’m embellishing but I am not.  It’s a reverent thing when you think about it.  The creator of the universe listens to me.  How can that be anywhere else but the pro column?

And to the part of my blog that some may argue … the cons:

  • There are some bittersweet things about being a prayer warrior.  One of the most glaring is the sadness it brings when someone asks me to pray … because they don’t.  Now this isn’t everyone, but certainly a vast amount of people that do want prayer for a dire situation but they either don’t believe in the God I pray to or they have a different idea of what it means to pray.  Many are not Christian believers but they do believe there is power in prayer … at least for those that do believe in ‘the Man upstairs’.   While it’s my pleasure to pray for the situation they are in, I would want all of them to know that giving their life to God in repentance and belief, gives them the same power and ‘direct line’ to God that I have.  It’s a sadness that leads me to put this side of it in the cons column.
  • When someone asks me to pray to God, they believe that what I’m asking God, on their behalf, will in fact happen just as they would wish.  While God does indeed hear my every prayer, He answers according to His will for that person needing prayer.  And that will may or may not be what they are seeking by asking me to pray.  I do not fear that what is perceived as an unanswered prayer may somehow ‘tarnish’ my reputation as a prayer warrior.  However, would that I could, I would rather see that God’s good and perfect will for that person is carried out because, ultimately, that’s how God will answer any of my prayers.  People’s possible disappointment would be a con … sort of.
  • Answered prayer often doesn’t really change what I would like changed.  That may require a bit of an explanation and does circle around to my first ‘con’. It brings me much joy when I see an answered prayer in a positive way.  Positive, as in the outcome of a person’s situation improving.  However, people tend to just move on and go about their lives not realizing that God … remember–that creator of the universe?  He answered a prayer.  Yet many will tuck Him back into a dresser drawer until the next situation that requires Him.  In the con column for sure on that.

I will always be a prayer warrior because it’s what God has called me to do.  He provides the strength for me to do it…He puts people into my path that need prayer…He provides the answers always…and His will in everything I ask for is always ‘good, pleasing and perfect’. Romans 12:2 NIV.   Being able to pray for people is an honor and a joy.  THAT, my friends, is the crux of this whole blog.  EVERYONE can have that same honor and joy found only in Jesus Christ … the one who hears and answers prayer.


About Rose M

God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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4 Responses to The Pros and Cons of Being a Prayer Warrior

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    • Rose M says:

      Dave here has ping’ed my post in a blog post he has done on the subject of prayer warriors. I encourage every one seeing this to check it out! He’s got a great spin on the topic. I enjoyed it.

  2. Tina Cataldi says:

    What a wonderful, fascinating story. I learned something new about you. I had no idea you were a prayer warrior. What I do know is that you are a kind, loving and compassionate Christian woman that I get the blessing of seeing (that is when I have my eyes open) who enjoys the music that our worship team provides at church. I can also say that it is AWESOME to see you praising our Lord and know that the music, of which I’m a part of, allows you to worship in the manner you do. Thank you for fulfilling one of your many purposes all for the work of the Lord!

    • Rose M says:

      Oh Tina … what an uplifting reply you posted. It’s you and all the praise team I thank for being obedient to God’s call in your life to help usher all of us into God’s presence before the Word. The Holy Spirit is always lifted up AND pleased. How can I keep still?

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