Accountability. A Christian’s love language.

In an effort to support what I’m about to share with fellow Christians via this blog, I went to the New Testament and started to write down scriptures supporting my thoughts on the matter of accountability.  Turns out, from half way through Acts, all the way through to Jude, the Apostles (especially the Pauline letters) talk so much about instructing us in the way of our Lord, and telling us to do the same with each other.  In other words … accountability!  So, if you don’t find me quoting scriptures often, I would have to point you to the entire New Testament. Anyway, what I found strongly compelling is that it was, and should still be, something done out of love for the body of believers.  Why then do so many Christians balk at the idea of approaching, or being approached, with loving accountability as seen in 1Cor 5:12?

As part of a new year’s resolution, I decided that in the area of social media, I would endeavor to lovingly put into place accountability with my fellow believers in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  How I thought this would play out is something to the effect of seeing a fellow Christian post something inappropriate as a believer.  Whether it be profanity or a sexually explicit picture or supporting something clearly spoken of in God’s word as sin, regardless, I would then ‘privately’ send them a message and lovingly point them to a scripture, or two, that implores us, as Christians, to (i.e.) ‘not copy the behavior and customs of this world’ (Rom 12:2 NLT), or whatever would be appropriate to the offensive post.  It is now 8 days into this new year and I have done this once.

I must admit that I have tried this once before with a dear friend, over a year ago.  It went much better than this incident and we politely agreed to disagree on the subject matter.  Although, I’m pretty sure I’m still right. 🙂 Nevertheless, it was wonderful that we could discuss it amicably and lovingly as stated in Eph 4:4.  Hence, I thought the resolution for this year might go well but it’s starting off a bit shaky.  That’s okay because I still believe that ALL Christians should hold ALL Christians accountable … lovingly and according to God’s word and not man’s opinion.

Perhaps it’s the way I perceive all of this that’s the problem.  You see, it’s the old adage of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.  Or, as the bible would say throughout the Old and New Testament, “love thy neighbor as thyself”.  I would want to know that something I have posted, be it a picture, or a quote, or perhaps inappropriate language, offended a fellow believer.  I would want to be held accountable for anything that flies in the face of God’s instructions for His children.  To me, the brothers and sisters who love me the most are the ones who are not afraid to take me aside and speak to me about it lovingly.  I thought all Christians would feel similar.  Hmmmm … maybe not so much.

I still believe that just because someone may not like it, it’s still necessary.  I truly believe to NOT say something is not love for that person.  I want to love everyone but especially my brothers and sisters in the Lord.  I want them to love me in the same way.  While this resolution may not go over well, I console myself with one, simple fact.  In social media, if you don’t like something, you can always be despised then dropped.  It will be interesting to see how well not only others take this ‘love language’, but how well I do with it myself.


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