A Different Kind of Campaign

Did the picture confuse you when I entitled this blog about a campaign?  Wikipedia describes a noun use of the word ‘campaign’ as, “a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose”.  Well, I am on a campaign to aggressively pursue an activity for a very specific purpose!!  And yes, this purpose has to do with professional harness racing … but oh so much more than that.  I could just have easily entitled this blog, ‘I Have A Dream’, but that’s not quite so original, even if I do have a dream, a dream that will require my campaign to achieve it.

I have to interject here briefly because it’s important for me to say that I am so incredibly blessed in so many ways.  I have always said that even the chronic illness is a blessing to be used for a specific purpose.  But I’m a pretty isolated person, except online.  I have several friends online whom I’ve never met before.  Mostly via one chronic illness or another but all the same, friends bound with a commonality.  However there’s one friend I have online who is not from that venue and this is where it all comes into play.  He has the means to not only know about my campaign, but make the whole thing a reality.  No pressure there, eh?

My friend (and I hope I can openly call him that) is a well known actor, director, producer and all around nicest guy you’d ever want to know.  He’s currently working on the script for his newest movie about … you guessed it … the competitive world or harness racing.  From what I understand, it will begin filming next year in Ohio (just one state away from me).  As I came in too late to be any part of his last movie’s ‘team’, I am determined that THIS time, I will make my case about making my goal/dream to be a part of this movie’s team a reality.  HOW EXCITING WOULD THAT BE!?  I don’t even care how menial the task, I will, by God’s grace, be a part of this team!

I’ve placed a bug in his ear and, while it may still be too soon, I’m going to keep this in prayer, keep chatting with him about it, and trust God that it will prove to be an exciting goal to achieve.  If nothing else, I will keep my friend and his family-friendly movie, JOHNNY LONGSHOT, in prayer for much success.

Call me silly if you will but I know that I can still be used anywhere God allows me to be.  And I also believe, this kind of goal only happens if it’s His will.  I’m excited to see what door opens.


About Rose M

God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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