Holding the Rope

God is such a wise and just God that He knows what we need, when we need it, and how He will best provide it to us.  I make that statement with full confidence because I have seen Him move in my life over and over again and He is always faithful to His promises.  I wish to start this blog post by giving God all the glory and honor and worship due Him from a grateful and humble servant.

Our lives always present opportunities put before us by God.  They are sometimes a blessing, while other times a rebuke or correction.  One such thing placed before me in my life recently has been the strong desire to serve Him−doing that which He created me for.  I have spent many an hour in prayer and in His word seeking something in the way of a specific word for me or even a confirmation.  With much joy I can now say that His timing is perfect and He has indeed shown me the path before me and how I am to serve Him at this time in my life.  Actually, He’s so good, He’s shown me not just one or two ways, but three specific ways in which He wishes me to serve.  God is a good God!

The one that I’d like to blog about today is actually a way in which I can pull together all three.  Like dominoes, all three things just fell into place, one right after the other.  During my time of struggle in prayer and in His word, a kind sister-in-the Lord posted a video on Facebook.  I believe I spoke briefly about this in my last blog on ‘wineskins’.  Anyway, the video was of an itinerant preacher named Paul Washer and the message was a powerful one.  It opened my eyes to things in my life that needed taken care of in order to move forward in service to God.  I listened to not only that video, but many, many more from the same preacher.  Truth!  Plain and simple truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  How refreshing for my much parched soul.  Out of curiosity, I decided to look up the web site that his organization has.  This organization, known as the HeartCry Missionary Society, was started by God’s work through Paul Washer twenty three years ago.

There were many things of interest on the web site but three specific things caught my attention.  The purpose of this organization is to support indigenous (or native) missionaries all over the world by providing financial support, training, theological materials and Bibles, etc..  What caught my eye was their slogan.  It goes like this:

*‘You are either called to go down into the well or hold the rope for those who go down … either way, there will be scars on your hands.’

Reading on further, it goes on to explain that we are all called to heed the Great Commission but not all are called to go serve in the mission field.  But, even though we may not be called to ‘go’, we can support those who do.  THAT’S ‘holding the rope’.  This organization makes it possible for you to be a part of what is happening around the world through the efforts of these missionaries.  They are constantly updating what is going on via their web site, Facebook page and Twitter.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you actually are right there, part of the Great Commission, just as Christ commanded us.

What stands out more than anything about this organization and ‘holding the rope’ is … are you ready for this?  They never ask for money.  Nope.  Being heavily influenced by the life of George Mueller, this organization has a foundational principle that at no time will they solicit funds from anyone.  They take all of their needs to the Lord in prayer and it is the Lord who provides.  If this organization is to remain standing, it is by the will of God.  Time and time again the Lord has placed upon the hearts of many to reach out and donate to this organization at just the right time and for just the right need.  Their testimony on this is powerful.

Not only do they not solicit anyone for funds, they specifically instruct you to not send financial support if you are not faithfully giving to your church home.  This pleases me greatly.  That’s the second thing that God has done in my life in answer to prayer.  He has placed me and my husband in a church home where we’ve actually been called to serve using the gifts God has bestowed on us.  Praise God … have I mentioned how good He is???

Finally, one of the last things that God has put on my heart by way of ‘holding the rope’ is prayer.  Simply helping to support those in the Great Commission field is not enough.  Without prayer it would all be for naught.  These areas where they serve are steeped deep in darkness, hostile and war-torn areas, and very prohibitive toward the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Covering them with prayer is as essential, if not MORE essential, than finances.  God has called me to go deeper into my intercessory prayer time for those living their lives in harms-way while moving mightily by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I’ll end my blog with a thank you.  Thank you, Father God, for knowing my needs and hearing my cries.  Thank you for always showing me the narrow path that is filled with all things you had already prepared for me to do.  Thank you for leading us to a body of believers where we are not a useless appendix but an integral part to build others up.  Thank you for placing the strong desire within me to pray for those that go out to places I am not called.  Such service is a privilege.  I thank you, dear God, for allowing me to not only pray for them, but to ‘hold the rope’ for them as part of your Great Commission.

*Note:  ‘You are either called to go down into the well or hold the rope for those who go down … either way, there will be scars on your hands.’ is taken from the HeartCry Missionary Society web site at www.HeartCryMissionary.com .


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God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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