Breaking the First Commandment

God answers prayers!  I can say this will all certainty because He has heard, and faithfully answered, many prayers I have prayed.  Why just this morning, God zapped me with another epiphany – an illumination, if you will – and it was in direct answer to a prayer.  Curiosity piqued?  Well then, allow me to share.

For many, many months now, I’ve been seeking God for answers about a topic I’ve been struggling with.  It’s a matter of being ‘excited’ about God.  About being really psyched about my Savior, Jesus Christ!  It’s not that I don’t love Him with my whole heart, mind and soul.  But I see people that eat, sleep and breathe Jesus Christ.  They have the boldness to step out in faith in every aspect of their life.  Me, I flounder.  Don’t get me wrong, I truly do try.  It’s just that my prayers are routine; my time in His word is not as much as it could be; I seem to walk that fine line of ‘not of the world’ [John 15:19]; and I have to remind myself to see Him in all – people, places and things.  

As time passed and no lightning-strikes of illumination appeared, I’ve grown increasingly impatient.  A trait I’m well known for.  But today, for whatever reason for the day or time, God chose to show me, by a story-like example, what it should be like.  Not just for me, but for all who call themselves Christians.  In the wee hours of the morning, God woke me to a perfect allegory which demonstrates the kind of excitement God wants us to have for Him.

He brought to mind a hypothetical situation.  I guess that’s 21st century for ‘parable’.  Anyway, I was imagining that on the previous afternoon, I had been contacted by a well known actor’s agent.  I’m talking the kind of named person almost everyone on the planet would know.  I was being notified that on the following day, this person would be coming to spend the entire day with me.  With jaw dropped open, I declare to the agent, “ME!? He’s coming to see me  TOMORROW!?”  So, I wake the following morning with eyes popping open, suddenly remembering that TODAY I am going to be visited by Mr. Famous Person!

My mind begins to race as I jump out of bed.  “Yes!” I exclaim out loud, doing one of those fist-pump motions.  I proceed to go about the business of getting ready for this great person.  I put on fine clothes; fix my hair to perfection [or as perfect as I can]; start cleaning up so the house looks perfect; prepare the menu for the day’s meals because Mr. Famous Person deserves nothing but the best of everything.  After all, he’s famous!  I carefully wrap the gift I had spent the last of my money on so that I could give Mr. Famous Person a gift from my heart so that he would know just how special I thought he was.  I am SO excited that butterflies have invaded my stomach.  I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time because I’VE been set-apart from all others to be visited by a person who the world knows.  I am happy.  I am excited.  I am completely humbled.  I am READY!

As I lay there in bed, pondering this hypothetical situation, I hear in my mind, “Well, Rose?”  Puzzled, I answer out loud, “Well, WHAT?”  Quietness is the only thing I hear.  No more scenarios being played out in my mind.  I just lay there wondering what it all means. CLICK!  The light bulb [in my head] comes on and I’m suddenly struck with the meaning of the whole picture.   I am that person in the situation but it’s God who is Mr. Famous Person.  I then have to ask myself these questions:

  • Do I wake each morning expecting that the God of the universe is going to be with me the entire day?  How exciting should that be?
  • Do I prepare myself to receive Him [God]?  Have I made myself and my house presentable for my Lord and Savior by my right motives and behavior?
  • Instead of delving into recipes for meals, have I spent time delving into His word?
  • Have I prepared to give Him from ALL that I have so that He knows how special I think He is?  Is what I present to Him the best of everything?
  • Am I happy and excited about Him being there?  Am I humbled by Him being there?  Am I READY for Him to be there?

If the thought of a famous person from this world coming to spend time with me brings with it thoughts of great happiness, joy, giving and humbleness, then how much MORE should I consider it each time I open my eyes to a new day and find that my Father in heaven is going to spend the day with me?  Am I so carnal that I spend time thinking what it must be like to have fellowship with Mr. Famous Person yet I give so little thought to my Creator who ‘lives with me’ [2 Cor 6:16]?  What’s wrong with this picture?   Not just for me, but for all Christians.  We’re so quick to pay homage to our ‘heroes’ of the day yet we give so little of ourselves to the One who deserves it the most.

What God has shown me today is that the next time I catch myself paying tribute to a person, place or thing other than God and His kingdom, I should reproach myself.  The next time I think a well-known person deserves my money, time or talents rather than my God, I should admonish myself.  The next time I pick up a book yet haven’t picked up THE book for days or weeks, I should correct myself.  And, the next time I think it’s humbling to be in the presence of Mr. Famous Person, I will remind myself of the very 1st commandment … Exodus 20:3-4.  The question I ask now is, will you as well?

About Rose M

God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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