Just wondering if you’ve found yourself driving down the road behind a car with one of those Jesus fish symbols (not the Darwin ones) or a Jesus license plate holder before? You automatically think that they’re a Christian or have some religious affiliation or stance. Then, much to your chagrin, especially if you yourself are a Christian, that person starts flying down the road 20 mph over the speed limit, or they cut you off or, worse yet, flip you off. I don’t know about you but I immediately think, “It’s people like that who set a really bad example for their faith.” To this day, I will not put any symbols, bumper stickers, license plate holder or anything on my vehicle. No, not because I don’t want to be a witness for my faith. I just don’t want to be a BAD witness for my faith. You see, that could very well be me in that car because I’m fallible, just like everyone else. The last thing I want to do is shame my God by being a bad example of what it means to be His child.

It’s not only in the area of the highways and bi-ways that we either show our true selves as a good, or bad, example. We do it at home, too. What would your Pastor, or a Christian neighbor or friend think, if they came into your home and found a bible with an inch of dust on top of it? Worse yet, they don’t even see a bible anywhere in site. Or perhaps they peruse your DVD collection only to find nothing but ‘R’ (or worse) rated movies. Or perhaps they see you downing a glass of vino at 11am. Whether you like it or not, as a Christian or someone wanting to proclaim your faith, you have set an example without saying a word. Your actions have spoken for you.

What about in your work place? Now I don’t work so I’m fortunate now to not have that area to be concerned about. However, I USED to work and know what it’s like to walk around like a peacock strutting my faith yet fall far short of being a good example of just what that means. I think one of the most tell-tale signs of your witness at work is hearing someone say, “I didn’t even know you were a Christian!” Perhaps you’re one who prefers not to use the work place as an area to witness your faith. It doesn’t matter what comes out of your mouth as much as it matters what your actions show. Believe me … people are watching and, whether you know it or not, they are forming an opinion in their minds one way or the other simply by how you respond to your daily responsibilities.

How about school? That has to be one of the hardest areas for a person to walk-the-talk. Not so much if you go to a private school where everyone practices their faith, or should be. But public schools are a whole different ballgame. With such diversity today, it’s become politically incorrect to even bring God into the schools let alone witness out loud where we stand in our faith. But like other areas, we can witness our faith just by our actions. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to pick out a person who walks their faith just by observing their actions.

While my faith is one that is not based solely on actions, actions are a by-product of my faith. Whoa … that was good! Thank you, Lord. From the time you wake in the morning till you lay your head on the pillow to sleep at night, what you and I do sets an example for others. Be it in a car, in a home, at the work place or in the school, you are setting an example of who and what you are. Every word you type that reaches another is seen as a witness or example worldwide. It can be a struggle for many, certainly for me. I’m usually two steps behind before I realize that something I did or something I said was not a good example for another and it spoke volumes. As long as I realize it, even late, there’s still hope for me. I can ask forgiveness to whomever I’ve offended, especially God. I don’t beat myself up about it but I learn from it then move on hoping not to repeat it. You and I will always be fallible as long as we dwell in these mortal bodies. However, we can still strive to set the best example possible each and every day. It’s work, I agree. But I believe the reward comes in one day knowing how our examples were seen by the lives they touched. May we always be watching what we say and what we do for we know … someone is always watching.


About Rose M

God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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