Life From the Back Side of a Motorcycle!

You wouldn’t believe how much time I spent on that title. Yes, that simple, little title. I had another title in mind which really would have caught your attention but it WOULD NOT have been appropriate. Well, not language-wise anyway. So I decided to refrain even though my well-intentioned daughter thought I should just ‘go for it!’ Sorry, honey.

Last week was a hard week. The weekend was not much better either even though we spent the weekend at the cabin and, for that, you might wonder why it was so hard because I’ve always referred to life at the cabin as being nothing but relaxing and spiritually refreshing. It had been a hard week emotionally. I underwent two important tests earlier in the week and am still waiting for results. I keep chanting, “No news is good news!” LOL I also had a difficult week from a techie point of view. I can best describe it as hitting a wall. Stalled. Dead in the water … you get the idea. Rather than sit back and rely on God’s work in all of it, I took it upon myself that I wasn’t doing enough and therefore had to try harder. Well, needless to say, it didn’t go well. God has been silent lately especially when I’ve sought direction and answers. I’m very good at giving advice but very bad at taking my own advice. That was this week.

Saturday was a particularly beautiful autumn day up in the mountains so we decided to take the motorcycle for a ride. I’ve always loved riding but my poor health has greatly restricted the time I can spend on the back of the motorcycle. Where as we use to be able to ride for hours or days, I’m relinquished to an all-too-short half hour at best. This bod just can’t handle the straddling, the bumps, the pounding on my lower back … and that’s on a GOOD road. But, God spoke to me in a still voice while riding that half hour. He said, “Life is like riding the back side of a motorcycle.”

First, there’s the motorcycle itself. I have no control over the bike for I don’t know the first thing about how one runs. What I do know is it takes something as small as a fouled spark plug, loose battery cable, piston not firing right and the the bike will not run well at all. So, the bike must be kept in good running order to make the ride smooth.

Second, I’m not the driver. For all those bikers reading this, excuse the expression. You RIDE a bike, you don’t DRIVE a bike. Bear with me as I explain since this day there were two riders on that bike. My husband drives the bike and does so quite aptly. I have complete confidence in his ability to maneuver and handle that machine beneath us. Without that calm assurance, I would ride stiff as a board and be cautious of everything and miss out on the beauty of the ride and the day.

Third, there’s the communication with total strangers. It’s the odd ‘signal’ thing that riders (aka drivers) have with other bikers. And oddly, it changes over time. It’s the wave. Well, it use to be a wave, then it went to the raised hand. Now it’s the finger pointing down to the road. I guess it’s a brotherhood thing going on but it’s the way one communicates to someone you don’t even know but can relate to for they’re in the same experience as you at the same time. For those that don’t ‘signal’ back, my husband then gives them the ‘brush off wave’. You know, brushes his hand down to the ground sort of like biblical ‘wiping the dust off his feet’. Snobs not worth his time or ruining of the day or moment.

So there I sit comfortably (as possible) on the back of the bike as we glide over the mountain roads. My body instinctively knowing to give in to the curves even when I’m not paying attention to them for I’m looking at the majestic mountains and the beauty of the fall foilage. I’ve been riding for so many years that it comes naturally to ‘go with the flow’ and ‘be one with the bike’ … sorry, that sounded so zen, didn’t it? LOL Anyway, it hit me that life is like that bike ride.

Life, and what my responsibility is, is to see that it’s maintained properly. I must stay ‘in tune’ with my God, be led by His indwelling Spirit, and daily in His word. Life is the motorcycle for me. The Holy Spirit that resides in me is the driver. God speaks to me through His Holy Spirit and Jesus intercedes for me. I must trust solely in the knowledge that He knows the road ahead and I must ‘go with the flow’ in total confidence in His ability. I am to enjoy the road before me and take in His glorious creation that He has put before me. God’s created human existence is there for my communication. Some will ‘signal’ me back because they’re going through the exact same thing while others will not care. For the one, I find fellowship with. The other, I wipe the dust off my feet and find another to bless instead.

The half hour went too fast but my difficulty even getting off the bike told me it was just long enough. I miss the days of riding much farther and much faster but life has settled me down against my will. I do thank my Father God for teaching me something that Saturday. Something so simple that I would have missed it had it been presented any other way. Sometimes you just learn about life with your backside on the back side of a motorcycle.


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God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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One Response to Life From the Back Side of a Motorcycle!

  1. Cynthia says:

    Love it, sweetie! Glad you were able to relax and enjoy the ride- both in body and in spirit. There is just "something" about being out on the road, with the wind in your face. You become part of the scenery. You're a participant in the world, rather than just a passive observer. I get some of my best thinking done on my bike. But it's also where I go when I've got too much to think about and need to just quiet the chaos for a while. Funny how it works…

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