God’s Manifestations

om Have you ever said to yourself, “Yeah, I know God’s there. I know He hears me, looks out for me, will work out His will for me in my life BUT, there are times I need a real person to talk to.” While it’s a valid question, I laugh at myself because it must give God a good chuckle that I would refer to Him as not a real anything. I’ve come to some conclusions in life about how God DOES manifest Himself as a real person. I hope this comes out right and that I don’t come across as babbling.

The first time I had this ‘epiphany’, if you can call it that, was years ago, one morning while making the bed. No, had nothing to do with the bed or the chore of making it. It was just God’s time to tell me something I needed to hear. Or, better yet, needed to understand. My husband. It was about my husband. God manifests himself to me through my husband. You see, my husband loves unconditionally. He surrounds me with his love and care each and every day. He provides for me and has done so faithfully for our entire married life, even when times were quite difficult financially. He is tender and kind and listens to me, no matter how tired he might be. I could go on and on but each and every description I could possibly write about my husband is where I have to stop and say, “Hey…wait a minute. That’s God. That’s God showing me just a miniscule amount of what He feels for me. What He thinks of me and has for me. God manifests Himself through my husband.” How good is that???? When I need to know that God is there always and that he loves me always and will take care of me always…I need only glance at my husband as a reminder that, “Take that times a million, gabillion…that is what God is to me.”

Then there’s His majesty. As I sit on the deck of our cabin as the sun is setting over the mountains, I see God’s manifestations in the glorious details of His majestic planet. The tall trees that give off glorious colors in the fall, magnificent scents in spring, shade from the heat of summer and dangling icicles in winter. The birds of the air, the fish in the stream, the wildlife that depend on the berries of the bushes and the water from the streams are a constant reminder that He is in it all. He created it all. It is there for me to enjoy. The peace that comes upon me in the quietness of that knoll is always at the time I need it the most. I cannot help but know in my heart and feel in my soul that He is there beside me.


Accountability. A word not often associated with God’s manifesting Himself but it’s true. While we are accountable to God in all things, words spoken, actions taken, OR not taken, etc., we can find accountability in someone God sends to us when we need it most. It’s one thing to confess to God in the secret confines of our mind the sins of our heart; it’s another to confess it to a person who God manifests Himself through. I want to be clear, I don’t believe we MUST speak things out loud to be heard and forgiven by God. However, when counsel is needed to deal with these things, God will send His counsel in the way of a wise and faithful servant with words God has inspired THEM with that we need to hear. For me, this has been a most recent experience with a sister in Christ. It actually was her who came to me with words inspired and words I needed in order to walk through a difficult time. She listened to my confession yet did not judge me. She offered words of comfort and clarity for the situation. She was there for me at just the right time with just the right words and just the right ‘virtual’ hugs. Wait a minute. Yes, it’s God’s manifestation again.

The blessing of little children. While my children are grown now, I find myself missing something from very early on in their lives. Innocence. You know, the innocence of children before God that have no inhibitions in anything they say or do. God loved/loves the little children. What comes out of their mouths are nuggets of gold to be savored and looked back upon all our lives. The joy that springs up in them from the moment their eyes pop open in the morning till they slowly drift shut in the evening hours is something we as adults miss out on. We have lost it in our ‘maturity’ and we need to get it back. God manifests Himself through little children. They are a reminder to us that we can go to Him as children to their parent and be loved, accepted, cared for, laughed with and find peace in the arms of. I thank God for a second chance at seeing His manifestation through children by my grandchildren.

I believe that I could probably find many more ways of recognizing God’s manifestations in many other ways. I’ve spoken about just a few that have been made real and BIG in my life and touch me so often. What about you? How, where, when, who…do you see that is God’s manifestation of Himself?


God is good…all the time!


About Rose M

God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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2 Responses to God’s Manifestations

  1. You are so good at what you do Rose. God has blessed you with such a good mind. You know how to get the words right.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Rose: Thank you for these thoughts and ideas about just where we can all find God using folks in our daily lives to answer our questions to Him if we but LISTEN!Your comment about children really hit home for me. I missed the early years of my 2 childrens' lives as I worked full time. Well, God has provided me with a "do over" opportunity because I have an apartment on the first floor of my son and daughter-in-law's home, which allows me to interact DAILY with my 2 grandkids!! These encounters are the highlight of my day, and I thank Him daily for this opportunity.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to thank Him through your blog.THANK YOU, Abba, for the hugs, kisses, smiles, fingers and toes of children.

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