Cabin Projects

Last week, dh was on vacation and we ventured to the cabin on Sunday and stayed till Thursday. I can honestly say that I did not want to come home. Not that I don’t like my home, I do very much. It’s just this trip to the cabin was more rewarding then recent ones during the harsh winter. Except for our first day there, we had absolutely gorgeous weather. Gorgeous weather is equal to PROJECT TIME! If you could see my face you would know I’m grinning ear to ear. I just love projects. I must admit though that dh is the brawn in all of it. I’m what my Father (may he RIP) would call the ‘stoopervisor’. This is not a matter of laziness but rather a matter of health. I digress.

Because of the wonderful weather and the lengthier stay, we were able to get more projects done than we anticipated. Dh continued with the painting of the exterior (I must apologize…I did not take my camera so can’t post pics at this time) and he was able to get an entire wall done in Laurel Green, bright white paint on the window trim and we put up new screen since the old one was in bad shape. It turned out GREAT. We built (and by that I mean dh) not one, but TWO, fire pits. It’s a one acre lot so we have one fire pit about 30 yards or so from the cabin and another in a clearing down at the creek. We had an old fire pit already near the cabin but it was quite ugly and not very well built. That was torn down and we moved the new fire pit to a more level area.

Dh also replaced several deck boards that had not fared well over the years and I washed all the deck seating with a special cleaner. The rest will be done next visit with the help of a hose run to our neighbors spigot. He’s very nice in offering the use of his well water. Dh also replaced some stone at the top of the path to the creek that had washed away with winter rains. He also had to unload his pick-up bed full of split wood. We had marvelous dinners like salmon and fillet mignon, all cooked out on the grill. We even managed to go out our last night there to a nearby restaurant. Bliss. Total bliss. The peace and quiet there is indescribable. At least I can’t do it justice, that’s for sure! We did take the labs to one of the nearby lakes that has a long but level path and walked the distance and back. You see now why I didn’t want to come home.

Our next week’s vacation won’t be for a couple of months but we will get down there on weekends so we’ll still continue our painting project so that it will be done during the summer. I will try to remember pics next time.

This blog is fun to write but I never quite know how to end it because it’s a work in progress. The cabin that is. I guess you would call this more of an update than a blog. Whatever it is, it’s a blessing for sure. Hurry up next visit…we’ve got projects to do!


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God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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