Cabin Church

There are a few times in life these days where I really wish I had a laptop computer. One with wi fi you pop in and get connected anywhere…even in the middle of the woods on a mountain in a cabin. Yep. That would be cool. Well, at least sometimes. Sort of defeats the purpose of ‘get away from things’ but I’ve been struck with an awesome ‘thing’ almost every weekend that we’re at the cabin. I could better describe it ‘in the moment’ but I’ll feebly attempt to describe it here. 

Dh and I have been away from a church home for a couple of years now. Certainly don’t want to utilize this time to discuss the how’s and why-not’s here because that’s not the purpose of this blog. While we no longer have a church home, per se, we have continued to long for the familiarity of both of us playing in a praise and worship team ministry, sit under a pastor of phenomenal teaching and fellowship with a super body of believers that we call friends. Because of this strong desire of ours, our heavenly Father has blessed us with a closeness we can call our own until such time as He places us on the path to where He’d like us to belong. I call this ‘Cabin Church’.

It started several weeks ago, on a Saturday night, peaceful, restful and absolutely relaxed, just hubby and I. We had a fire going in the wood stove that glimmered and glowed and added a perfect peacefulness felt nowhere else. We don’t have TV or DVD player or any fancy do-hickey gadgets for entertainment. Only a lone boom box in our bedroom. It’s a cabin so, turning on the boom box in the bedroom with enough volume, it can be heard in the living room while sitting by the fire. I must digress for one minute to tell you that the boom box holds particular interest because on the very first night we stayed at the cabin, I found a fantastic station called WCRH-THE COMPASS. It was surprising to me to find such great radio reception amidst the trees and hills of the mountain top. What a blessing indeed!

Anyway, this station is great because it plays the best contemporary Christian music and often the very praise and worship music my husband and I played for years in churches. THEN…at 9pm, it comes on. My most favorite radio show. TWENTY, THE COUNTDOWN MAGAZINE with John Rivers. Of course, as expected, it’s the top 20 Christian songs from around the world. Now, during this time, hubby is usually quite relaxed and often drifting off to sleep so I’m left to relax and enjoy the time almost on my own. It occurred to me that Saturday evening that I spoke about earlier, that I would get so caught up in the wonderful praise and worship of it all that I was struck with the internal knowledge that it was just like being in church. Well, almost. The feeling was the same. Actually, better because it was wonderful alone time with my Lord and Savior. Last night, I actually found myself doing a bit of a dance in the kitchen, while getting something to drink, to my current favorite Christian song that’s been holding at #1 for 11 weeks in a row. It’s called ‘Revelation Song’ by Philips, Craig and Dean.

I’ve been taken aback every weekend because we spend our evenings almost exactly the same way. Each and every time I’m struck with a fresh assurance of God’s love for me and the bond I have by being His child. It’s a gift, those moments when I can share in the warmth of His love surrounding me. I named it then and there, Cabin Church.

Now, I know that sitting in a cabin and listening to music doesn’t take the place of a church home. I know the stark difference in what I experience there and what many experience in a building with others. God has shown me that there’s no perfect place, no perfect time, no perfect hour to worship Him. Worship is from the heart and soul and it burst forth even in the simplest of times and surroundings. Whether it’s one on one with my Lord, or sitting among hundreds, my Father in heaven hears my words and my prayers and He is touched.

Our cabin has turned out to be many things for my husband and I but never did I imagine it would also be a church.


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God first, always. Husband, family and all else a blessing, even the Lupus.
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One Response to Cabin Church

  1. HisGirl says:

    As all of your posts on your Blog I enjoyed this too. Agree, worshipping in the house of the Lord is wonderful, and yet worshipping God has no boundaries. Worshipping Him in Praise, Dance, Singing even when it's just He and I alone can be my; "House of Praise"!Thank you again for touching my life with your encouraging and timely words.

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